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Anthony Falco

Pizza Czar - Anthony Falco

Pizza Czar - Anthony Falco

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Pizza Czar is a pizza cookbook full of hacks, tips and secret techniques that have never been shared by others in the pizza game. The author Anthony Falco is an international pizza consultant who has opened pizza restaurants around the world over the past 8 years. Falco was also one of the driving forces behind the famous Roberta's in Brooklyn, where we once ate pizza ourselves. Fantastic!

In addition to tips and tricks, this book also offers unique variations on classic pizzas and recipes from around the world. Of course you will also find delicious pan pizzas, so you can get started right away with the pizza pans that we offer. Oh, and not unimportant, the book has a very cool design, so this book is also perfect as a gift.

Author : Anthony Falco
Pages : 272
ISBN : 9781419747847
Language : English|
Publication : May 2021

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