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Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza Pan - Lloydpans

Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza Pan - Lloydpans

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With this tall pizza pan from Lloydpans you can make authentic Chicago Style Deep Dish pizza. The pan provides a nice crust and is quite high at 57mm.

The main features of Lloydpans' Chicago Style Deep Dish pan:

  • PSTK (Pre-Seasoned Tuff Kote) non-stick coating so the pan can be used immediately and immediately creates the perfect crust.
  • Indestructible, dimensionally stable up to 340 degrees Celsius.
  • Easy to wash by hand (with detergent). Does not rust
  • The pan is stackable and can therefore also be used to proof dough for several Chicago Style pizzas.
  • Dimensions: 25cm (diameter) x 57mm (height)

The Lloydpans brand stands for the highest quality pizza pans and is used by well-known pizza chefs such as Tony Gemignani (12x world champion) and YouTube chefs such as Kenji Lopez. In the EU, Llodypans are exclusively available at Best Pizza Pans.

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